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SmartPower is developing and manufacturing power supplies, power electronics and conversion equipment products. We are a Chinese power supply manufacturer with the domestic leading level, advanced production, R&D and logistics.

Going beyond the scope of industrial power supplies, we have designed a range of highly reliable power supplies meeting the stringent requirements for use in many industry applications.

Our main goal is to provide the client with a high-quality and reliable product.

SmartPower firmly adheres to the principles of continuous development and customer focus, which gives confidence and a guarantee of reliable relationships today and in the future.

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Our products built on the basis of modern design solutions and, in terms of technical and operational characteristics, are not inferior to world analogues and comply with foreign safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. The system of multi-level quality control has been introduced in production to ensure the high reliability of our devices.

We also develop cost-effective customized solutions that meet customer requirements for electrical, mechanical, safety, electromagnetic compatibility and thermal management, while ensuring a quick time to market.

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