DC/DC module

  • High efficiency

    Modular DC/DC converters have high efficiency and are capable of operation in a wide temperature range without an external heat sink.

  • Wide scope of application

    DC/DC modules are intended for a wide scope of applications in various radio electronic devices which require high-quality stable voltage and impose restrictions on the dimensions and cost of components.

  • Low current consumption

    The products are characterized by low current consumption when running idle.

  • Compliance with standards

    Converters are available for the output voltage (one and two outputs) of the standard range of 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15 V, etc., with a wide range of input voltages.

  • Small sizes

    This DC/DC power supply series match energy efficient and small sizes as Traco power, Murata and Recom products.

Non-isolated (POL, point-of-load) up to 20A Isolated in DIP/SMD packages (DIP/SMD type) up to 15W Isolated in SIP packages (SIP type) up to 9W
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